07.06. 18:00 NIDA. Blessed Virgin Mary Church

vydunas-78086245Opening of the festival. Concert dedicated to the Lithuanian Statehood Day

“We are not weak. The spirit of Creation is with us. Only those who ponder creative tasks survive in the world.” (Vydūnas)

Participants: Indrė, Jean-Christophe, Bert, Vytautas, Žilvinas, Rasa, Mihkel, Sonata, Rokas, Ridas


07.07. 20:00 JUODKRANTĖ. Evangelical Lutheran Church

07.08. 20:00 NIDA. Evangelical Lutheran Church

Merope-by-Visvaldas-Morkevicius-050Land of the Disobedient  presents Merope, the guest of the festival, in a concert Naktės. An alternative folklore group creates unique alchemy of sound. Its minimalist compositions, inspired by ancient Lithuanian folksongs, embrace jazz and improvised music melted with electronic soundscapes. Via enchanting melodies, textures of sound, subtle harmonies and polyrhythm Merope gives life to a new ritual music of our modern time.

Meropewill introduce its new album Naktės (LP & CD).

Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė – voice, kanklės
Jean-Christophe Bonnafous –  bansuri
Bert Cools – guitar, electronics


07.07. 20:00 NIDA. Evangelical Lutheran Church

07.08. 20:00 JUODKRANTĖ. Evangelical Lutheran Church

football-truceSoldier’s Tales. 1918. Europe. The war is over. The great empires are ruined. The old powers do not impose their will anymore. Exhausted soldiers leave trenches and return to their villages and towns. A new world is about to be brought into being; big and small nations begin to realise their cultural ambitions and self-government. Europe is turning into a choir of many new voices. New states are emerging. From Balkan to Carpathian Mountains, from Mediterranean to Baltic Sea new Europe is forming.

On a very twisty way                                                                                                                A valiant soldier is plodding homewards…


Participants: Vytautas, Žilvinas, Rasa, Mihkel, Sonata, Rokas, Ridas


Igor Stravinsky. Soldier’s Tale

Bela Bartok. Romanian Dances

Bela Bartok. Hungarian Folksongs

Bohuslav Martinu. Promenades

Ludomir Rožicki. Rhapsody

Josep Slavenski. From Balkans


07.09. 20:00 JUODKRANTĖ. Evangelical Lutheran Church

07.10. 20:00 NIDA. Evangelical Lutheran Church

Program dedicated to the centenary of Latvian State. VIE-RIX

Santa vizine400x400PROGRAMME-DIALOGUE. Two countries, two epochs, two composers-geniuses:

W. A. Mozart and P. Plakidis. The foremost Austrian genius of all times Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (1756-1791) and one of the most celebrated Latvian composers of past decades – late Pēteris Plakidis (1947-2017). The programme is designed as a creative dialogue between the two giants. In his music, Plakidis constantly revisits other composers, styles and epochs, while an incessant player with human emotions Mozart always finds unorthodox twist.

Participants: Vytautas, Žilvinas, Rasa, Santa, Mindaugas, Sonata



Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Quartet K.285

Pēteris Plakidis. Dedication to Haydn

Pēteris Plakidis. Improvisation and Burlesque

Pēteris Plakidis. Dedication to Brahms

Pēteris Plakidis. Dances of the Shadows

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. Kegelstatt Trio K. 498


07.09. 20:00 NIDA. Evangelical Lutheran Church

07.10. 20:00 JUODKRANTĖ. Evangelical Lutheran Church

Mihkel-Kerem-1030x682Estonian Landscapes. Program dedicated to the centenary of Estonian State. Composer and violinist Mihkel Kerem presents a program refuting the stereotypes of Estonian character, revealing an idiosyncratic Estonian spiritual landscape. It is a spectacular journey through Estonian composers’ spiritual landscapes revealing soundscapes of northern visions and dances based on picturesque Mesopotamian modes.

Participants: Mihkel, Rokas


Artur Lemba. Armastuse poeem (Poéme d’amour)

Heino Eller. Muusikaline hetk (Musical moment), Männid (The Pines), Kellad (The Bells), Kuuvalgel (In the Moonlight)

Mati Kuulberg. Sonata for solo violin No 4

Mihkel Kerem. Mesopotamian Suite (based on Kurdish folksongs),  Asleep


07.11 NIDA. AGILA. 

Charlie Chaplin Circus

18:00 for all audience

21:00 for adults

303526fe9eca389482d304e0ed40f5baCharlie Chaplin is the only figure in the history of cinematography who was the author of scenario, the director, the composer and the lead actor in his films. He was rated the greatest genius of film of the 20th century. His interwar films tell stories in which the veil of humour conceals subtle human emotions and existential truth. The festival presents Chaplin’s most comical film with live musical accompaniment. The film contemplates delicate human sentiments and the essence of life in the background of kaleidoscopic circus life.

Scenario – Charlie Chaplin; Director – Charlie Chaplin; Composer – Charlie Chaplin

Participants: Vytautas, Žilvinas, Rasa, Mihkel, Santa, Mindaugas, Sonata, Rokas


07.12 19:00 NIDA. AGILA

Eiti ramybėn

Phil VonOpening of the ecological art workshop exhibition and premiere of festival’s production Eiti ramybėn. A symbolic path from the dictate of urban noise and ticking of the clock toward coalescence into nature of Čiurlionian landscape unites Japanese butoh dance, live electronics and M.K. Čiurlionis’ music.

Participants: Vaida, Jolita, Vilma and participants of the ecological art workshop;  live piano – Rokas, live electronic music – Phil, choreography – Sakurako (butoh) & Phil (electro flamenco),  butoh dance theatre Okarukas, costume design – Boram Gabrielė, video (stills) – Vytautas Katkus



07.13 20:00 NIDA. Evangelical Lutheran Church

uzkulisiai_001The festival’s closing concert Lithuania at the Threshold of the Centenary. Then and NowIt is a symbolic musical journey through the 20th-century Lithuania. From M. K. Čiurlionis to today’s voices.


Mikalojus Konstantinas Čiurlionis. String quartet in C minor

Garland of miniatures:

Juozas Pakalnis, Julius Gaidelis, Juozas Gruodis, Aleksandras Kačanauskas

Loreta Narvilaitė. Morning Dew Was Falling 

Anatolijus Šenderovas. Songs of Shulamith

Zita Bružaitė. Dance in Re(d)

Arvydas Malcys. Land of the Disobedient

Participants: Vytautas, Žilvinas, Rasa, Mihkel, Santa, Mindaugas, Sonata, Rokas





Indrė Jurgelevičiūtė, voice, kanklės
Jean-Christophe Bonnafous, bansuri
Bert Cools, guitar, electronics



Vytautas Sriubikis, flute

Žilvinas Brazauskas, clarinet

Mihkel Kerem, violin

Rasa Vosyliūtė, violin

Santa Vižine, viola

Mindaugas Bačkus, cello

Sonata Zubovienė, piano

Rokas Zubovas, piano

Phil Vos, electronics

Sakurako, dance, choreography

Ridas Jasiulionis, actor, narrator

Vaida Kunigėlytė, artist

Jolita Sabaliauskaitė, artist

Vilma Dmitrijevienė, artist

Giedrius Kriūnas, light, sound, image

Jūratė Vansk, consultations, stage direction

Eglė Gabrytė, public relations

Administrators and dancers whose names tba