In 2003-2004, Impetus Musicus produced a programme “Melomanija” directed by Nijolė Jačėnienė for the Lithuanian National Television.

Main objective of the programme was to introduce to the television viewers interesting personalities of the world of music, to analyze various issues of musical life, to brake negative stereotypes about music, to bring to the surface problems of the music life in Lithuania.

Participants of the programme – from the leading Lithuanian musical artists to melomans, people from various walks of life – disscussed on a given topic, sharing their opinion and offering variety of possible angles of evaluation of music events.

The show, filmed in the studio, was hosted by pianist Rokas Zubovas.

Tegyvuoja klasika! (Hurray to Classics!)

For several seasons Lithuanian national television has been presenting the programme “Tegyvuoja klasika!” showcasing the most significant musical events of Lithuania. In an entertaining and educational way the viewers were introduced to the world of music: leading composers, performers, traditions of various countries, exciting moments of Lithuanian musical scene.

Programme was hosted by a leading Lithuanian opera soloist, baritone, Vytautas Juozapaitis, who’s commentaries added balance to the recorded excerpts from most important premieres, festivals, ballet and opera productions, programmes of prominent Lithuanian musical ensembles and orchestras from various Lithuanian concert stages.

Programme, filmed both in studio and on location, was directed by Nijolė Jačėnienė.

In 2003-2004 it was produced by Impetus Musicus.