The most lamentable musical comedy

A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Music by F. Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, texts by W. Shakespeare

“…In the Athenian forest, seven actors rehearse a play for the wedding of Duke of Athens and Queen of the Amazons…”

That is how the musical comedy “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” begins. In W. Shakespeare’s kingdom of fairies mysterious spell steers the vortex of enticing stories of lovers, witty pranks of fairies and intrigues of royal wedding. And surely, the shortest night of the year promises the most unexpected acts – a startling dream, in which Shakespeare’s lines intertwine with Mendelssohn’s famous Wedding Marsh, cheerful Dance of Fairies and festive Overture, or seven musicians of the Disobedient Ensemble becoming actors in a setting of real time video projections and scenography.

Premiere – July 2, 2006
Duration – 80 min

Director – Ramunė Kudzmanaitė
Music arrangement – Rokas Zubovas
Set and costume designer – Irma Mickevičiūtė
Video – Akvilė Anglickaitė and Milda Zabarauskaitė
Lighting designer – Rimas Petrauskas
Sound engineer – Darius Zdanovičius

Francis Flute–a bellows mender, Titania, Thisbe –  Andrius Radziukynas (flute, Lithuania)
Snug–a joiner, Lion – Roger Arve Vigulf (clarinet, Norway), Julius Černius (clarinet, Lithuania)
Fairy, first Fairy, Bush of thorn – Mia Cooper (violin, UK), Ieva Sipaitytė (violin, Lithuania)
Tom Snout–a tinker, Oberon, Moonshine – Robertas Bliškevičius (viola, Lithuania)
Nick Bottom–a weaver, Pyramus – Mindaugas Bačkus (cello, Lithuania)
Peter Quince–a carpenter, second Fairy, Ninus’ tomb – Sonata Zubovienė (piano, Lithuania)
Robin Starveling–a tailor, Puck, Wall – Rokas Zubovas (piano, Lithuania)
Child’s voice – Debora Morkūnaitė (Lithuania)