A public non for profit institution Impetus Musicus was established in 2001.

Primary field of activity on Impetus Musicus is organization of musical programmes and cultural events in Lithuania.

Impetus Musicus has already made a perceptible mark in the cultural map of Lithuania. Believing in enormous positive influence the art, and music in particular, exerts upon society, the organization is actively engaged in various educational projects and is working to facilitate accessibility of culture in all regions of Lithuania.

Over the twenty years of its existence, Impetus Musicus has created and organized several national and international music festivals, run educational programmes throughout Lithuania, organized various concert programmes, and produced series of music programmes for the Lithuanian National Television. Participants in these programmes included established musicians and artists from Lithuania and other European countries, as well as talented young musicians and children.

In order to broaden the interest in classical music Impetus Musicus develops various multimedia projects in which music is presented in conjunction with other forms of self-expression. As a result, in addition to traditional musical events, the organization creates non-traditional programmes combining music and theatre, music and ecology, music and fine arts, emphasizing various social contexts of music.

MKC_logoIn 2019 joined the first project of the Lithuanian National Cultural Routes Program – M. K. Čiurlionis Route. More information about the project – www.ciurlioniokelias.lt